Life Insurance

Understand Life Insurance Options From a Company That Knows Your Needs

CD Simonian Insurance Agency started in 1951 when C.D. Simonian, a farmer who worked a 35-acre vineyard, became interested in ways that insurance policies could protect local farmers like him. Over the next decade, C.D. built a strong business based on excellent, personalized service.

The agency still runs on that principle today by C.D. Simonian’s grandson, who now owns the Fowler-based insurance agency. And it’s a good thing it does…

Life Insurance at a 50-Year Low

Recent reports show that 30 percent of Americans don’t have any life insurance. Eleven million households without life insurance have dependents under 18. This puts life insurance numbers at a 50-year low that could jeopardize the stability of families and communities.

CD Simonian Insurance Agency wants to make sure that you understand you life insurance options. Our agency will shop multiple carriers to find the right term life insurance or universal life insurance policy to suit each person’s unique situation.

We’ll Find What You Need

We know that life insurance can seem like a confusing issue. You don’t spend your days researching life insurance policies. You have better things to do with your time. Our agents fill that role so you can make educated decisions without wasting time.

At CD Simonian Insurance Agency, we sell universal and term life insurance policies. This can make your options look simple. The truth, though, is that we have sub-types of policies worthy of your consideration.

Term life Insurance, for instance, includes:

  • Increasing Term
  • Decreasing Term
  • Level Term
  • Convertible Term
  • Renewable Term

It gets even more complicated when you include universal life insurance options. But, you don’t have to worry. We’ll find the one that best suits you!

You Get an Advantage by Working With Us

When you work with CD Simonian Insurance Agency of California, you get the advantage of working with knowledgeable agents who have worked in this industry for years. We understand the needs of local families.

Contact CD Simonian Insurance Agency at 559-834-5333 so we can help you find an effective life insurance policy that will protect your family long after you’re gone.